A creative outlet. a break. a breath. an escape. that's what this place is. Hello. This is irrelevance*org, also known as meta.morphosis. I settle upon this corner of the net to display my artwork. Links are to the right.
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soak. drizzle. an array of light. waterstream to eternity. scorched. solitude. desolation. gateway to heaven. disorder, melancholia. depression.
I added one white flower, to your gentle smile. Sometimes beautiful things are sad. You can feel the coming farewell. Not lining up in the black line. Crowded out, I raised my face, and thought of a sky I once saw. How far, far away, is our destination? Is it so far away, that we'll never return again? I miss you and I can't see you...I just want to tell you, I won't forget all of the last tears you gave me.
- Ever Free, Hamasaki Ayumi

Life isn't measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
- George Curlin